I’ve tried using the promise ports in a non-RAID configuration and never got it to work. Or do they have to be literally identical drives in order for it to work? I hope I included enough information to answer my questions, but if not, please let me know of any other info that would be helpful in addressing my current problems. Originally Posted by gallowsroad. I’m not sure if I’m lacking yet another needed harddrive to accomplish this, or if I just plugged things into wrong slots.

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On page Xi they state in the Storage section: The time now is I have been studying a little the BAD!!

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Asus A8V deluxe Promise controller I believe your procedure is correct, so the problem is probably that the driver loaded at the F6 prompt is causing it, or that the BIOS, for some reason, isn’t allowing the promise controller as a boot device. Joined Nov Posts 8, The performance isn’t “horrible”, but not as good as the VIA.

Asus A8V deluxe Promise controller. Have you tried a new ribbon cable? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

I tried a manual install of the fastrack driver but although listed in the controoler manager’, there was an exclamation mark next to it and when I tried to set the bios to boot in raid mode, prior to xp booting there was a blue screen saying ‘xp had stopped the process due to an error’ Oromise in essence I think that I would be correct in saying that the Promise Raid element be it set up or creation of disk array can be removed from the problem list and that now I just need to figure how to correctly install the Promise Raid drivers onto my XP installation.


Everything seemed to be ok apart from the memory dividers not working correctly. Joined May Location London, U. And it comes from THIS webpage! If either drive fails or becomes corrupt, you will more than likely lose everything on both.

asus a8v secondary promise RAID controller in IDE mode?

Originally Posted by Tumbleweed I hope that I have been clear so far. After I flashed the bios from Originally Posted by Tumbleweed36 If the bios sees the drive but windows does not, that normally indicates the drive has not been partitioned and formatted.

I can now use the Promise Controller in IDE mode to run single drives, a8f that has prompted a question. Hi heartsy, As I have been spending a couple of nights trying to make this bloody A8V Deluxe board to work with 4 HDD’s the way I wanted it and due to the fact that I finally could succeed thanks to a post in this forum https: One drive I boot from, the other is just for data.

Along with this problem, I also have the issue with my OS reading said drives, as I gave up on having both raid options, and set them up for raid0 performance and tried to install OS, I installed drivers as said from floppy, but XP still says cannot install it says it cannot find harddrive.


I recently upgraded the cpu on my system from a Winchester to a San Diego E4.

Asus’ A8V Deluxe motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 10

If the drives are not there then you should verify the connections. Asus A8V deluxe Promise controller One further piece of useful info is as follows. Format it and normally things should work. So basically the 4 HDD’s should be connected to the Fasttrak controller!

asus a8v secondary promise RAID controller in IDE mode? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Virus Problem, Please Help. Both the onboard and you add-in card is on the PCI bus, so your better off just using the onboard. Originally Posted by Tang If so, you have to reformat it to get it to work properly. I had been using the wrong driver all along and there was no possible way to get it to work!

Let it detect the controller, install the drivers, reboot after shutting down and attaching drives. Or do they have to be literally identical drives in order for it to work? I am three steps away from finding the inspiration in pursuing a fine spiraling career in alcoholism!