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While heavier than some notebooks, there is e140 feeling of heft or awkwardness when moving the e from one place to another, and I know from actual experience that a five-pound notebook travels fairly easily. When I did use this notebook on my lap, I could feel the warmth, but only a little, and never to the point of discomfort. More importantly, at least for me, the e is solid, has good hinges, aaudio the plastic of the palm rests and LCD cover feels quite strong.

Intel Yonah Core Duo T 1.

[SOLVED] My Dell Inspiron E has no sound. – Tech Support Forum

I consistently got just over 3 hours out of the 6-cell battery. How much would it cost for them to give my laptop sound?

audik For the purpose of writing this review, I installed OpenOffice. I have read on the NotebookReview forums that many people dislike the glossy screen for their reflective nature, but for me this is not the case.


Service and Support Fortunately there has been no reason to contact Dell tech support about this notebook. Like the Inspiron ea large desktop replacement notebook that I recently purchased and reviewed, and the Inspiron ea mid-size entertainment notebook, the e can be configured with auxio glossy screen and comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition, which includes a host of entertainment and multimedia features that appear to target those who desire a computer that will readily and capably handle the ever-increasing entertainment possibilities of our world.

Small amount of light leakage displayed on the e view large image Because a number of purchasers of the e have complained in this sites forums of excessive light leakage, I thought I should address this issue and therefore devoted some time to unearthing the problem in this particular machine, both with the naked eye and the digital camera.

This seems to be a non-issue, really, but is something to keep in mind.

Dell Inspiron e and Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

I have a borrowed one, and they will reclaim it whenever. The TrueLife glossy screen is well beyond adequate: Battery Life I consistently got just over 3 hours out of the 6-cell battery. Or simply e14055 the money.

Have one to sell? I would definitely recommend this notebook if someone were to say the following: Also, Dell put a service panel on the bottom of the laptop that when unscrewed only 3 screws you have complete access to the processor and heatsink.


All times are GMT Dell Inspiron e Review. I really enjoyed watching a DVD on the e and found the display surprisingly easy to work with during normal usage, too.

Dell Inspiron e front side view large image. Having said all that, I should add that during my actual use of this notebook, I never once noticed a problem.

Dell Inspiron e1405 and Inspiron 640m Review (pics, specs)

This computer is also very quiet. When you look in Device Manager wht is shown with a yellow! User Name Remember Me? Sound Despite a somewhat tinny quality and limited bass, which is to be expected from notebook speakers, the audio is decent: Did you go to the Dell support siteenter your Service Tag Number and download the sound e405

[SOLVED] My Dell Inspiron E1405 has no sound.

I called Dell and asked for recovery disks, etc. Dell Inspiron e view large image Dell Inspiron e Specs: Dell Mini Card Nonetheless, the feel is good and the noise really is minimal. Having now used GMA for the first time, the only caveat I can think of is this: Conversely, as soon as I xell the e under review here, I was struck by the thought that it would do just auxio on a plane, in a coffee shop or on smaller desks and tables.