I then began moving towards 0 on the X and Y axis, and am currently moving towards the center of Andromeda, with approximately sectors to go. There will be a lot of hostile ships around so be ready to jump to a random location to escape. Compared to the Maxim-R, I think that it fits my fighting style better. It will certainly make travel a little easier Also thank you for your www site and map!! The ONLY reason I found it was because I just happened to look to the right between jumps and notice the very edge of some ice rings as I was passing by on autopilot. For most of the first half of my expedition to Andromeda’s center, nav has indicated “Andromeda.

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Descend into planet nercenary and fly through rain, snow, clouds, and turbulence while managing the effects of drag, lift, friction, and gravity on your ship. I’ve also seen them in Vonarion, but going there for a bit of shopping is like jumping into a meatgrinder to get some sausage, really.

The missiles sold for 6k each. You can build only one tradestation in a sector. You gain one point per mission or one per waypoint if it has multiple waypoints as well as 1 point of rank for every 10 ships destroyed during a warzone mission.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I was very surprised to NOT have run into it!

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Port Oasis Station X: Agility — This determines mntis fast you can turn. If I find no quick way home near my destination, I will make a proper exploration on my way back. Forgot your username or password? Took a while, but finally found it.

Finally found my terrain walker : evochron

So, about hours total flight time to the center of Andromeda. While mining you can just leave your computer and get things done and then come back to filled bays. Usually they just give you coordinates to stuff.

I got mine from hidden planet in pearl longtime ago!

Few questions about game :: Evochron Mercenary General Discussions

If you want to mine or pick something up with your tractor beam you have to be really close, or less close. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

I absolutely will not part with ebochron official Mass Effect 3 limited edition spaceship cockpit air freshener, even if the ending to the game was completely unsatisfying.

Mercenry don’t know what’s at POIs though, I have one saved in my nav computer, but I still have to check that out. The idea is you don’t want to get surrounded by several enemy fighters and get shredded while concentrating on one. Hope this helps a bit.


I found the components along Pearl, Pices, Thuban and Sapphire. Somehow I randomly found a Mantis jump drive fairly early in my endevor, and I had just enough credits to buy it. Mar 29, Start a New Discussion. It takes some running around to collect all the components, but I think they cost less than k, eevochron the jump drive sells for over k.

It was worth it. Now you are rich. I’ve got mine from one of the hidden planets. Tips, tactics, and general discussion for Evochron Legacy.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. That’s why it’s only mentioned as a rumour. However, I would like to know, where can you get a fusion laser? You end up spending way less time maneuvering to docking mantsi and the like doing it this way. For most of the first half of my expedition to Mervenary center, nav has indicated “Andromeda. I just got the BP and want to try it but don;t seem to find all of the components.