Operations Supported Use these settings to specify the IPP printing operations supported by the printer. Installing the printer driver 6 The following procedures are concerned with Apple Macintosh system 7. Explanation of the Fields in the Printer Lists The following sections provide an explanation for each of the headings in the printer tables provided in the above documents. Pie Chapter 6 2 Print in Specify whether to enable background printing or not. This option requires no OS understanding. Some popular printer data streams include:.

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HP Y-Amarelo More information.

In some cases, the IP parameters all show zeros. The following are the minimum requirements for permitting criss-cross sorting using the Collated setting: The same procedure is applicable when you want to perform 4 up, 6 up, 9 up or 16 up printing. Stores the Scan to HDD data.

The use of non-shielded cables is likely to result in interference with radio communications and is prohibited under Monolta directives. Printers are listed in this document because they are known to exist; therefore, being listed is not a statement that the printer model is supported. This field is activated only when NDS support is enabled. This defines the connectivity method.

If you do not want to change any settings, simply click OK to quit the program. Setting values 5 Printer, File Collated Do not make a setting on this property sheet.


MINOLTA PIE Use and Maintenance Manual |

Unchecking this box disables the printer and causes all other fields on this dialog box to appear dimmed. G Environment of Network with Mail server is necessary.

If the original document for a print job contains a page of a different size from the others and this document is printed, the Staple setting may be canceled. Xerox printer drivers More information.

The setting method using dialog box is given here.

You can configure the printer functions that are controlled by IPP and the printer information that can be seen from IPP clients. Pie Chapter 7 7 Convenient Functions Confirming that the data has been transferred to the machine Confirming that the data has been transferred to the machine Convenient Functions Chapter 7 7 Pie Outline 8 Network Interface Card 8.

Minolta Pi5501 Pcl5e Ms Driver Download

Print Server Password When you want to use a password for logging into the network interface card, type the password you want to specify into miinolta field. In most cases Host-based.

Printer Driver for Macintosh 1 Print options 6 Cover Page The Cover Page property sheet allows you to print out a page of descriptive data about each print job.

If the capacity of Mailbin Finisher, Single-staple Finisher, Multi-staple Finisher or Folding Finisher is exceeded, the stapling operation may be canceled. The Directory Information Base DIB is used to store information about servers and services, users, printers, gateways, etc. This procedure is necessary regardless of the gateway or underlying network protocol used. Pie E-mail Destinations 9 8 Type in the destination. For example, if you make five sets of prints, each page is printed in sequence five copies at a time.


Allows you to lock a printing job. Use the one appropriate to the network environment and purpose of use. When this dialog box appears, check the details and reselect pcl5w functions to ensure function compatibility.

Inbox Printer Driver Names for Windows Vista

Follow the configurations procedure for the operating system you are using. G Clicking an existing E-mail Destination number or name displays a screen showing the details of that destination. PostScript Settings Section Error Print When the box next to this option is checked, an error message ninolta printed whenever a PostScript error is generated. Port Input the printer port number. This field accepts input of up to 48 characters.

Instead, a NetWare server includes a gateway that translates between NDPS and a printer-supported protocol or protocols.